Virtual Organizing

The only difference between live and virtual Organizing and Coaching is that we’ll be connected through technology.

We will see each other on the screen and I will guide you through the process.

The same procedure of live Organizing and Coaching applies to Virtual Organizing and Coaching:

• Initial phone call to discuss your concerns, goals and to see if we are a good fit
• Schedule an Assessment Date
• Identify your Organizational Personality/Style
• Together create a Plan of Action
• Schedule dates, times and discuss any materials needed to start the project

I offer virtual Organizing and Coaching services thru various platforms such as Facebook, Zoom, etc.

"She helped me tailor my sorting sessions to 15 minutes from my overwhelming hour I had assigned myself and was not accomplishing much but frustration. She helped me and my husband with our “expectations” since I have a perfectionistic, overachiever mentality 90% of the time. Tammy is thoughtful about the needs of her clients and goes above and beyond to empower her clients to take charge of their organizing needs."

– Una G.

I appreciate Tammy’s calm, patient, and kind demeanor.

"The Upside Of Downsizing presentation provided useful tools, tips and tricks to help attendees move through what had previously seemed like an insurmountable task to attendees, breaking it down into small, doable, rewarding tasks. Tammy’s compassionate care for her clients produce results!"

– Brian Parman | Director, The Point & Pavillion

Tammy's compassionate care... produces results!

“Thanks, Tammy!! I have been using your 15 minute procedure. It has really helped so much... I am gearing up to work in my office today...and have gotten 4 totes for my 4 areas to distribute my "things"... Hope the giveaway pile is huge.. I donate to The Arc of the MOV, Noah's Arc Thrift Stores. You have inspired me so much after being at the United Way meeting last month.”

– Anne M.

You have inspired me so much.

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