I’ve had the incredible joy of speaking to numerous groups and organizations. 

People that were once feeling overwhelmed, unproductive, and disorganized now feel peace and contentment, increased efficiency and productivity, and ready to release their emotional and physical clutter.

During my presentations, I motivate people to take action while honoring their natural organizational style. For years I have interviewed, studied, and observed people in their homes and businesses. Today, a majority of my work focuses on how people can embrace change, one step at a time. I help them navigate the process of releasing their emotional and physical bondage to clutter so that they can simplify their lives and enjoy their new found freedoms!

My presentations are interactive, packed full of how-to, humor, and inspiration. Your people will leave knowing how to put my ideas into action and easily reclaim their time, money and energy! As audience members apply my recommended principles in their personal and professional lives, immediate results are observed because I offer tools and materials to support the learning process.

I offer live and virtual presentations, including training workshops. 

I can customize my presentation to fit your needs or you can choose from a menu of topics below

I have provided trainings for foster care agencies, colleges, schools, non-profit organizations, churches, chamber of commerce, libraries, state parks, etc.

How to Organize and Manage Your Family

How to Work with the Distracted and Disorganized Individual

Organize to Optimize

What is ADHD?

What is Our Relationship to Clutter?


Brain Talks – What is Executive Dysfunction?

Discover Your Organizing Style

Distracted AND Disorganizer? There’s a Plan for That!

Hoarding 101

How to Downsize in an Upsize World

What is the Three-Dimensional World of an Organized Student?

How to Organize for the Holidays

How Does ADHD Affect Communication?

“I enjoyed Tammy's seminar very much. I learned how to get my family involved in chores, ask others to help and separation of items – whether to donate, keep, trash, etc. Tammy was informative and fun. She really understands the challenges of young moms!”

– Debbie C.

She really understands the challenges of young moms!

On two occasions this year, I have had the opportunity to hear Ms. O’Neill make a presentation. Both times Ms. O’Neil was very professional, very organized, and most engaging of those present. Her presentation was clear and concise, interactive and entertaining, as well as most informative. In both situations, the audiences appeared receptive and pleased.

– Dr. Linda H., LMFT

Ms. O'Neil was most engaging...

In the future if a church group or a Chamber of Commerce would be searching for a speaker, I would submit Tammy O’Neil’s name and areas of expertise. She would also be well received in a school setting with teachers, ADHD students, and parents who could look forward to significant behavior changes that make for a more productive and satisfying life.

– Dr. Linda M., LMFT

In the future...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you to be a speaker for my organization?

Complete and submit the Speaker Request Form. After I have reviewed your request, I will contact you to discuss your request.

How do I know what topic best suits my organization?

Complete and submit the Speaker Request Form. After I’ve reviewed your request, I will contact you to discuss your request.

Do you customize your presentations?

Absolutely! After you have completed and submitted the Speaker Request Form, I will contact you to discuss your company’s needs.

How long are your presentations?

Usually, my presentations are one to two hours in length. However, certain presentations require more time and that is discussed with you during our phone call.

What are your speaking fees, and do you offer pro-bono speaking?

My speaking fees are discussed during the initial phone call and yes, I accept a limited number of annual pro-bono speaker applications. This information is discussed during the initial phone call.

What type of audio/visual equipment do you require?

A projector screen, monitor and wireless mic are requested on the Speaker form. I bring my MAC laptop, charger and electrical cords. If your organization doesn’t have a monitor, I will bring mine.

What type of seating arrangement do you prefer?

In an ideal world, I prefer U shape seating, where no one has there back to anyone. We’ll work together to figure out the best seating arrangement for the audience.

Do you allow videotaping and/or recording during your presentation?

Yes, however; my material may not be copied for re-distribution.

Do you offer presentations for school children? If so, what age?

Yes! My school-age program is geared for second graders and up. I use puppets and incorporate an Organizing Activity for the students to complete during the session.

Satisfied Clients

• ADDA-SR Annual Conference | Houston, TX
• Amazing Grace-Foster Agency | Duncanville, TX
• All Star Parent Conference | Parkersburg, WV
• Banker Coldwell Real Estate Agency | Parkersburg, WV
• Brookhaven College | Farmers Branch, TX
• CHADD-Local Chapter | Southlake, TX
• Charleston Christian Women’s Assoc. | Charleston, WV
• DeSoto ISD (ACE Program) | DeSoto, TX
• Dyslexia Support Group | Dallas, TX
• Emerson Elementary School | Parkersburg, WV
• Fusion Academy | Dallas, Plano and Southlake, TX
• Grapevine Library | Grapevine, TX
• Hill School | Dallas, TX

• Hope for Dyslexia Academy | Dallas, TX
• Institute for Challenging Disorganization | Worldwide webinar
• Keller Counseling Association | Keller, TX
• Learning Disabilities Assoc. Nat’l Conf. | Orlando, FLA
• Mary Kay Cosmetics Sales Director Conf. | Charleston, WV
• Mental Health of America-Dallas | Dallas, TX
• Metro Valley Magazine | Parkersburg, WV
• Mobile Exxon (Magnolia Club) | Dallas, TX
• Montrose Elementary | Parkersburg, WV
• MOPS | Parkersburg, WV
• North Bend State Park | Parkersburg, WV
• North Parkersburg Baptist Church | Parkersburg, WV

• North Tx Mental Health Professional Assoc. | Grapevine, TX
• Professional Women’s Association | Parkersburg, WV
• Public Debt | Parkersburg, WV
• Resident Activity Personnel Assoc. | Lebanon, OH
• Southlake Women’s Networking | Southlake, TX
• Tarrant County Annual Hoarding Conf. | Fort Worth, TX
• The Point | Dallas, TX
• Upbring Foster Care | Fort Worth, TX
• Walker Creek Elementary PTA | North Richland Hills, TX
• Wesley Prep School | Dallas, TX
• Weiser & Cawley Furniture and Design | Marietta, OH
• WV PTA Conference | Roanoke, WV

• West Virginia University at Parkersburg | Parkersburg, WV
• WV Volunteer Leadership Conference | Charleston, WV
• Wood County Board of Education | Parkersburg, WV
• Wood County Libraries | Parkersburg, WV
• Vienna Library | Vienna, WV

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