I help restore order and serenity to your living environment by identifying your brain style and matching it to your natural systems and structures in place. 

As a Certified ADHD Coach and Professional Organizer that specializes in ADHD, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding, I work with all populations helping you remove chaos and confusion from your daily lives. 

I work with home owners, realtors, families, parents, stay at home parents, small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, emotionally and physically challenged individuals and anyone else wanting to recapture their time, money, energy and space.

Organizing is more than pretty containers and labels. Organizing is about decision making. Who, what, when, where and how are questions that I help you navigate during the Organizational process. Together, we create an Action Plan that is simplistic, realistic, achievable and one you will have success with!

Organizing is NOT a “cookie cutter” process – nor should it be!

Do you feel like you’re living in a traditionally organized world when you’re not?

Do you feel Overwhelmed and Overburdened by all the piles of stuff in your home and/or office?

Do you feel you have too many tasks to complete and things to do?

WELCOME! You've come to the right place...

We help you remove feelings of “overwhelmed and overburdened” from the Organizing process in a trustworthy, compassionate, respectful and confidential manner

We work with you in a co-active collaborative partnership that is client-directed

We identify and honor your natural Organizational Style – we work with it, not against it

Do you feel your life is chaotic, cluttered and out of control?

Have you tried traditional organizing methods and quit because they didn’t work for you?

We help you change perspective and reaffirm personal empowerment

With our expertise, we bring added value to individuals that have special challenges, physical and/or emotional.

We have collaborative partnerships with healthcare professionals, community agencies and family members to assist your special needs.

We all have experienced feelings of being overwhelmed, overburdened, chaotic and out of control.

We may experience anxiety, stress and frustration. We may have experienced an illness, traumatic life event or temporary transition times that challenge our Organizational skills. It’s when our brain lives in constant anxiety due to fear and stress that paralyzes our decision-making abilities and our physical environment is taken over by excessive acquiring, saving and disorganization. Our stuff controls us.

I’m one of the select few Professional Organizers in the Metro DFW area that specializes in Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding. For more information about my education and specialized training, refer to About Page.

I empathize with your situation and work diligently with you 1:1 to remove the chaos and clutter from your life by identifying your Organizational Style and implementing systems that are organic to your brain style. Whether we’re working together in person or virtually, I’m your go-to person to help you achieve your goals.

Organization is a process that requires decision making, motivation, support and accountability. I meet you where you’re at unconditionally with no-judgement and respect for you and your stuff. You are in complete control of the entire process; I help you navigate the indecision.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of control because of all of your stuff?

KUDOS! You’ve come to the right place!

"She helped me tailor my sorting sessions to 15 minutes from my overwhelming hour I had assigned myself and was not accomplishing much but frustration. She helped me and my husband with our “expectations” since I have a perfectionistic, overachiever mentality 90% of the time. Tammy is thoughtful about the needs of her clients and goes above and beyond to empower her clients to take charge of their organizing needs."

– Una G.

I appreciate Tammy’s calm, patient, and kind demeanor.

“I've worked with Tammy for the past two years as co-coordinators of a Christmas event in our community. Tammy was ‘super-woman’ when it came to planning and organizing the event. She's an expert in establishing goals, making to-do lists, recruiting volunteers, and coordinating all efficiently to get the job done! It's a joy to work with someone so knowledgeable in her field. She made me look good as her co-chair—and the event was a home run!”

– Lisa M. | Speech therapist

Tammy was "super-woman"...

“Thanks, Tammy!! I have been using your 15 minute procedure. It has really helped so much... I am gearing up to work in my office today...and have gotten 4 totes for my 4 areas to distribute my "things"... Hope the giveaway pile is huge.. I donate to The Arc of the MOV, Noah's Arc Thrift Stores. You have inspired me so much after being at the United Way meeting last month.”

– Anne M.

You have inspired me so much.

I learned how to put together a plan and a system that works for me. It helped me know where to make a good start.


It helped me know where to start.

"Excellent presentation. A topic which everyone needs to hear more about. I'm ADHD and I always need help and suggestions. Tammy truly understands the challenges and gifts people have with ADHD. Thank you, so much!"

– Lois M. | Teacher

Tammy truly understands... people with ADHD.

Drs. David Tolin, Randy Frost and Gail Stekette, world’s leading experts in the study and treatment of hoarding disorder and authors of “Buried in Treasure” describe the four main criteria for hoarding are (American Psychiatric Association):

1. Difficulty discarding
2. Strong urges to save things
3. Clutter
4. Distress or impaired functioning in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning


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