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Are you easily DISTRACTED and DISORGANIZED where CHAOS and CONFUSION rule your life…? Are you looking for a COLLABORATIVE Co-Active Coaching Partnership that changes PERSPECTIVE and TRANSFORMS lives? Do you feel like you’re living in a Traditionally Organized World when you’re not…? You’ve come to the right place for answers!

Hi, I’m Tammy O’Neil, CSSC and CPT, ADHD Coach and Professional Organizer specializing in ADHD, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding. I work 1:1 with individuals, families, parents, small businesses, schools and students to create customized Coaching and Organizing systems that fit your goals and lifestyle.

My Business and Communication degrees, continuing education and community volunteer work enhance my abilities to “think outside the box.” Being the mother of two adult children and five grandchildren, has contributed to my combined unique gifts of creative coaching and organization. Coaching and Organizing are NOT “cookie cutter processes” – nor should they be!

*Do you feel Overwhelmed and Overburdened by all the stuff in your home and/or office?
*Do you have too many tasks to complete and things “To Do?”
*Have you tried “traditional” coaching and/or organizing methods and quit because they didn’t work for you?

Learn How to Reclaim control of your Time, Money and Energy
*I will teach you the basic (4) step process and KISS method… Keep it Simple Sassy
*I will teach you how to “relay” “delayed” decision making and increase productivity
*I will teach you how to take progressive baby steps and have time for the things that you enjoy doing
*I will teach you how to Organize for YOUR lifestyle and ENJOY it!

*FREE 20-minute phone call to assess your Coaching and/or Organizing goals

Cell: 304.834.5678

*Cash check and/or major credit cards accepted
*Gift Certificates
*Package pricing- including discount options